Mattress Selection

Maintenance and care

Buying an orthopedic mattress is just a little part on the way to a healthy lifestyle. As you may have guessed, your new orthopedic mattress requires proper operation, and compliance with several simple rules will prolong its life.

Mattress position

If your mattress is always in the same position, dents can be formed in the places of the maximum load with the passage of time. To avoid these dents, follow one simple rule — turn the mattress upside down. You have to turn the mattress at least 4 times a year. However, if you have just bought your mattress, turn it once every two weeks during the first two months. In this way you extend the life of the mattress. In order to make you easier to turn the mattress, many manufacturers supply their mattresses with handles. However, these handles must not be used for transportation. Also do not forget to swap the position of your feet and head.

Mattress cleanliness

And now let us discuss the cleanliness of the mattress, or more precisely the conditions of keeping the mattress clean. If your orthopedic mattress gets dirty, it will be very difficult to give it to the dry cleaners. Moreover, it will cost you a very tidy sum. You should take into account that after the treatment with cleaning agents, the filler may certainly be damaged that may lead in a sad way to the loss of properties or reduce the life of the mattress. We advise that you buy a mattress pad. There are several varieties of this wonderful bed accessory: cotton, wool, waterproof, for children, sheets with an elastic band. Mattress pads prices depend on the quality of materials, sizes of a mattress pad and its properties. In any case, it will cost much more to replace the damaged mattress than to buy a mattress pad.

In no case knock the dust out of the mattress. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle that will not damage the delicate mattress covering. If you notice a spot on the surface of the mattress, you can clean it with a light soap solution with water at room temperature. Importantly, do not use chemical cleaners, as you may spoil the appearance of the product. In addition, substances remaining on the mattress, may negatively affect your health.

Placing the mattress

The place where your orthopedic mattress lies also plays an important role. Be aware that a high-quality orthopedic frame not only prolongs the life of the mattress but also shows in the best way its anatomical and orthopedic properties.

Typically, the frame is performed as a grid of transverse lamellas (bent multilayered plates) in a wooden or metal frame. Slats are bent on a defined arc and are arranged at a predetermined frequency from each other, which allows an orthopedic mattress to fully exercise its therapeutic properties.

A special orthopedic frame has a correct shape which prevents fractures and bends of the mattress. Do not insert any objects under the mattress which could lead to its deformation. Also, a good frame provides a constant air exchange at the bottom of the mattress. Rigid structures, such as panels of plywood, can also be used as a base for the mattress.

It is strictly forbidden:

  1. You mustn’t bend, fold up or roll up the mattress (except for mattresses for so-called "transformed grounds"). As a result of such manipulations, the structure of the mattress can be broken which will eventually lead to the loss of its orthopedic properties. Some models of mattresses are available in a rolled up form in vacuum packs. After removing the mattress from such packaging and straightening it, it is impossible to roll up this mattress again.
  2. It is forbidden to walk on the mattress or jump on it as the point load will significantly exceed the allowable load. This will eventually lead to failure of individual springs, and as a consequence, loss of orthopedic properties of the mattress.
  3. It is also forbidden to sit constantly at the same place, edge or corner of the mattress.
  4. If there is the label on the cover of the mattress, do not remove it in any case, at least until the warranty expires. In the event of any damage or defect, you may not replace the mattress in a damaged form.