Mattress Selection

Quality Laboratory of EMM Products

All products produced by Katerynoslavski Meblevi Maysterni undergo a mandatory multi-level inspection at a quality laboratory that is unique in Ukraine. Each mattress produced by EMM gets to the consumer only after receiving positive evaluations from laboratory experts.

The uniqueness of the quality laboratory is in the complete cycle of testing raw materials and products manufactured at our production facilities. Due to the three-level control — incoming, intermediate and final — the inspection takes place from the start till the end of the manufacturing process.

During the incoming control, raw materials and materials are checked for compliance with physical and mechanical characteristics declared by the supplier, which we specify in mattress characteristics.

During the intermediate control, quality of individual components is checked before they become a part of the finished product.

Final control means the quality check of finished mattresses. Inspection of all products by qualified plant experts is carried out in addition to automated quality control using high-tech equipment.

All these types of control are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by leading European companies.

Checking mattress for durability

Мягкость матраса

The test is carried out in accordance with the European Standard EN1957. For this purpose, DRS-tester is used. Description of the method: the mattress is placed on an even surface; a 140kg drum is placed on top of it, and such drum rotates on the product. One revolution of the drum simulates movements of a sleeping person. According to tests results, recommended mattress lifetime is determined. The products manufactured by EMM can withstand 29,000 revolutions, which corresponds to the recommended mattress lifetime of 10 years.

Mattress rigidity determination

The tests are conducted using the FDS-tester. Description of the method: the mattress sample, being tested, is placed on a horizontal surface; the load of 3 to 200 kg is applied to it with the help of a special disk. The program calculates rigidity, bearing capacity and residual deformation of inner layers. Such tests are needed to determine the load level of a sleeping area of the mattress per one person; they are also indispensable for the development of new models.

Долговечность и усадка матраса

Checking physical and mechanical characteristics of the wire rod, wire and finished springs

Временное сопротивление на разрыв

For testing, a double action strength-testing machine S&W analyzer is used. This device is used to determine the rigidity, shrinkage, carrying capacity, residual deformation of springs and also to test the break strength of the wire. Test results help determine an acceptable level of shrinkage of the spring unit without losing its orthopedic properties through the recommended mattress service life.

Development and manufacture of mattresses is an important and responsible mission of EMM, because high quality of the mattress is the key to a good rest throughout its recommended service life (10 years). Experienced professionals, high-tech equipment and multi-level quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process are your guarantee of a healthy and comfortable sleep on EMM mattresses.