Mattress Selection

Presentation of new Belsonno brand


September 1, 2017 — Yekaterinoslavskiye Mebelnyye Masterskiye presented a new series of Belsonno mattresses. The presentation of the brand took place in Oleksandriya, where the company’s partners were invited.

Belsonno series of Italian mattresses includes three collections: Nero, Oro, and Verde, each collection being a quintessence of life and creative career of the brand’s father, Filippo Sarto. Only the best European materials and technologies were selected for the mattresses encased in Italian-like stylish and elegant covers of luxury fabrics with natural fibers. Nothing in excess, maximum convenience and comfort — the mattresses have everything you need for a perfect sleep.

Nero collection manifests the triumph of technology, desire to optimize and maximize the use of opportunities. The collection is designed for modern person — always young, dynamic and exploring.

Nero mattresses feature:

  • Five-zone body support
  • Combination of foam and spring unit
  • Two firmness options
  • Foam with Granonlo microgel granules

Oro collection is an elegant symbol of a self-confident person who is straight out when it comes to quality and style. The mattress of this collection is exquisite, soft, and luxurious at the same time.

Oro mattresses feature:

  • Unique zero-gravity comfort
  • Improved breathing and ventilation in layers
  • High porosity
  • Improved temperature regulation

Verde collection embodies today’s person dedication to nature and wider use of natural components to enjoy care and tenderness.

Verde mattresses provide:

  • Superior comfort
  • Double-side firmness and comfort
  • Eco-friendly composites with natural extracts
  • Removable convenient washable cover
  • • Anatomical zoning

In addition to mattresses, Belsonno offers a ready-made Bed + Mattress design kit. Range of bed designs includes different styles: minimalist tech Beatrice bed, luxurious and elegant fashion Vitoria, and soft and cozy eco-style Bianca.

5 reasons to choose Belsonno:

  1. Italy for everyone: a mix of the most popular fashion trends in one brand
  2. Luxurious look
  3. Ready-made Bed + Mattress design kit
  4. "Smart" technology and high quality of materials
  5. 10–15 years of service life