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Quality Laboratory for Orthopedic Foam ЕММ

At the beginning of 2017, Katerynoslavski Meblevi Maysterni expanded its production facilities by commissioning a shop for orthopedic foam production. The orthopedic foam production is a complex chemical and technological process. One of the main prerequisites for its successful implementation is the availability of the up-to-date quality laboratory, which was created in EMM. The primary task of the laboratory is to check the orthopedic foam before it is directed for the production of mattresses and pillows. Orthopedic foam properties are determined according to key indicators using high-tech foreign equipment. It provides 100% quality assurance of the material.

Checking material for durability

Мягкость матраса

AP-tester is used for this purpose. Description of the method: a test sample is compressed by 50% of its height 250 thousand times (one compression per second) within three days. After the test, the coefficient of the sample height and stiffness loss is measured. Load factor that the material can withstand during its use is precisely determined during the test.

Checking material for residual deformation

TNG-tester is used for the test. Description of the method: a material sample, being tested, is clamped between two plates by 50% of its height and left for 72 hours. After that, loss of height is measured and residual deformation index is calculated in %. The residual deformation shows useful life of the orthopedic foam product, as the checking process simulates a long-term static load when lying on a mattress.

Долговечность и усадка матраса

Checking material for elasticity

Временное сопротивление на разрыв

RB-tester is used for the test. With this instrument, elastic properties of the material are determined. The higher the elasticity, the greater the comfort level of orthopedic mattress and pillows in which the material will be used.

Checking material for elongation and rupture strength

A universal measuring machine and specimens of orthopedic foam of a specially made form are used for the test. Measured indicators determine the orthopedic foam strength, which is important for determining possible ways of its further use in finished products.

Долговечность и усадка матраса

Checking material for comfort

The tests are also conducted with the use of the universal machine. The equipment through its software displays maximum information about the type of orthopedic foam being tested, since the material resistance is measured during loading and unloading. Life of orthopedic foam and its comfortable properties can thus be calculated.

Conducting a full range of quality tests for the orthopedic foam produced by EMM ensures the use of a high-quality, comfortable and durable material in mattresses and pillows that will provide you with good and healthy rest.