Mattress Selection

Do you want to buy a mattress?

We will help you to make it as profitable, fast and convenient as possible!

The Yekaterinoslavskiye Mebelniye Masterskiye company produces orthopedic mattresses and accessories for sleeping and sells them throughout Ukraine. You can buy a mattress produced by us in almost any city of Ukraine — just choose your city and the shop that is most convenient for you.

All our outlets are equipped with special stands that represent best our product range and are equipped with all the information necessary for the buyer. Before you buy a mattress, you can consult the vendors for all your questions.

Each collection of our mattresses has its own unique features and consumer characteristics. Therefore, trade stands were designed by us individually for each collection, and even for each mattress.

Come, choose and buy! We always welcome our customers!

Why is it better to buy a mattress produced by us?

  • Our mattresses are modern, thanks to the introduction in the production of the latest innovative technologies and materials.
  • Our mattresses are made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • We have a large selection of mattresses. The collections of mattresses that we produce are so diverse in their characteristics that you can easily choose the mattress that is right for you or your child.
  • The use of a mattress of any our collection guarantees you an orthopedic effect.
  • The permanent strict control of product quality is a basic principle of our production.
  • The mattresses produced by us are certified by certification bodies of Ukraine.
  • We have a wide network of dealers. The number of outlets where our products are represented is constantly increasing. Therefore, you can buy our mattress in almost every city of Ukraine.
  • We produce different mattresses. Among them you will find spring, springless, latex and coir mattresses, as well as models that combine these and other materials.
  • If you need to buy a mattress for medical reasons, pay attention to the collection of preventive orthopedic mattresses Doctor Health. These mattresses are specially designed for the prevention of diseases of the spine.
  • We have not forgotten about the smallest of our clients. You can choose a mattress for your child of any age in the Herbalis Kids collection.
  • Our website provides complete information about our products. Before you choose and buy a mattress, you can read more about its characteristics, properties and purpose. Each mattress model is available at the website in a cut-away view with a detailed description of each layer and the materials of which it is made.
  • We regularly conduct training sessions and presentations for employees, so our salespeople are qualified and are always aware of new products and are able to answer any of your questions about mattresses.
  • Our vendors cherish every buyer; they are friendly, attentive and polite. You will be pleased to buy a mattress from us!
  • We produce high quality mattresses, but we take care of our customers' wallet.Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.
  • The Yekaterinoslavskiye Mebelniye Masterskiye company is not only a leader in the manufacture of mattresses, but also has a good reputation among its customers. Therefore, our products can be trusted.

We recommend that you buy a new mattress if:

  • Your old mattress is out of shape, there are lumps or dents in it.
  • Your mattress creaks.
  • You feel the springs of the mattress when you sit or lie on it.
  • You slide down in any one direction, when you sleep on an old mattress.
  • You cannot select comfortable position to sleep for a long time, so you do not fall asleep immediately.
  • You feel discomfort during sleep and wake up frequently.
  • While you sleep, you often toss and turn.
  • You feel tired after you wake up.
  • After waking up you have a sore back or legs go numb.

If you’ve found these facts, think hard to make your bed more comfortable. A comfortable sound sleep is an important factor for the overall health of the body, so think about buying a new mattress.