Mattress Selection

Warranty conditions for mattresses

Only the part of the mattress in which a defect is detected is repaired or changed under the warranty. If the whole mattress is found to be defective, it will be replaced. If your mattress has been repaired or replaced under warranty, the warranty period is not extended.

The warranty applies to:

- Spring unit that is out of order;

- Mattress defects in the form of cavities if their size exceeds 3 cm depth (minor indentations in a mattress on the shape of the body is not a defect).

The warranty doesn’t apply to:

- Mattress covering, including spots of different origin;

- Structural deformation that occurred as a result of the use of low-quality bases;

- Dissatisfaction regarding the comfort of the mattress;

- The height of the mattress. The manufacturer guarantees the availability and high quality of the fillers specified in the specifications on the label of the mattress. The mattress height can vary within plus or minus 10 mm which can be caused by tolerances in the dimensions of the materials used and manufacturing technology. In order to measure the height of the mattress, you need to put it on a flat surface and lay a rail on the mattress. The mattress height is the distance from the flat surface to the rail;

- Nonconformity of the mattress covering;

- The cavities from your body with the depth less than 3 cm;

- Mattresses which were damaged as a result of misuse;

- Mattress compliance with every consumer’s for medical indicators, including the lack of allergies;

- Other cases of violation of the rules for using the mattress.

Appliance under warranty and warranty period

- The warranty period for mattresses is 18 months.

- In case of defects to be eliminated by the warranty, the customer should contact the store where the mattress was purchased.

- For claims, you should have trade and cash checks of the store to prove the purchase of the mattress. If you’ve cut off the label, it must also be present.

- The cost of transporting the mattress to the store is not compensated to the customer.

- The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute materials to repair mattresses with other materials that are not inferior in quality.

It is important to know!

- A flat rigid surface is considered to be an ideal base for a mattress.

- If your mattress is on the basis of the lamellas, the distance between which is more than 65 mm, it significantly reduces its life.

- A new mattress after removing its factory packaging may have an odor (due to the tightness of packing) which eventually disappears.

- To maximize the effect of the Memory Foam material, it is recommended to use the mattress at an ambient temperature not lower than 20 °C.

- Your weight should correspond to the recommended weight per a sleeper.

- You have to turn over the mattress once in 3-4 months "head-foot" and every 6 months "top-down".

Warranty period

The warranty period for mattresses is 18 months.

The life of the mattress is 10 years.